Writing by Richard Gentle


How We Perform Negative Miracles What Do You Think? What Ever You Think Quantum Mass Superstructures Parables for People Deliberate Creation by Richard J W Gentle Being Well by Richard J W Gentle Good Thinking - gentle-enterprises.org

Richard’s writing explores the nature of personal reality in a constantly changing universe. Much of the content relates to what some term ‘the spiritual side of life’, but if you are interested in either metaphysics, or the psychology and philosophy of the mind, then these books will also be of interest to you. (Click on books for more information – a new window will open the selected book located on richardgentle.co.uk). The 3 books shown at a different size are small pocket books. The Parables booklet is eBook only.

You can also request these books through some libraries. For example, Wakefield Library (West Yorkshire, UK) holds a copy of ‘What Do You Think?’ in its Philosophy of Human Life section (Dewy number 128).