I am happy to discuss your website ideas with you before you make a decision to proceed. I can offer impartial and general advice to suit most requirements and budgets. Make contact via the contact form on this site, in the first instance.

Consultancy Fees

  • By email – Free (but donations appreciated*)
  • By phone, up to 50 minutes (regular landline number provided by email) – free (but donations appreciated*)
  • Via facetime or Zoom (by prior arrangement via email) – £15 per hour pro-rata (Paid via PayPal before or after the session)
  • In person meeting at my home in the WF4 area, up to 1 hour, £15 or at Blacker Hall Farm Café – £35 for up to one hour (paid by cash immediately after the meeting)
  • In person meeting at your premises (within 15 miles of the WF4 postal area) – £50 for first hour and £35 per hour pro-rata therafter during the same visit.

*Donations can be made via PayPal, BACS, or cash in person.

Also take a look at my main Website Design page on this site.

Extra Information

Many years of experience is drawn upon when creating your website to a high standard. You’d perhaps be surprised at what has to happen behind the scenes before a website is considered of sufficient quality, and secure enough, to be in the public domain. Everything from improving, resizing, and correctly labelling images to ensuring layout appearance stays exactly as it is intended to be. Appearance, typographic consistency, editorial sentence construction, grammar, spelling, typos, and usability, together with design and content of information, all has to be checked and rechecked several times – by both designer and client. Very often, the background code of a website has to be modified to better suit customer requirements – again, something that demands a high level of experience and continually developing knowledge. And all of this also requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Even as a website is being created, you [the client] will often change your mind – and this is expected. You often have to see something to appreciate it’s not exactly what you were thinking about, or that you get a new idea that will make something even better! The great thing about the Internet, is that you can see what is happening in real time and make amendments quickly.

Creating websites is a bit like redecorating a room in your home. You eventually make a start, go through a phase of stripping back the room – wonder why you ever started – and then gradually put things back as you want them. For a while it looks like a building site with dust and rubble that is never going to go away until suddenly, you paint the walls, lay a carpet, and re-fit the contents. It looks great! Now you feel it was all worthwhile.

“I want your website to be the best it can be, for you – and the more content and feedback you can provide, the better.” – Richard Gentle