Richard GentleGentle Enterprises is the umbrella site for the projects created and managed by Richard Gentle.

Gentle Enterprises was originally conceived in 1987 and since then, a number of projects and services have been developed which you can discover more about through this website.

Activities include:

  • Writing and Book Publications: Richard produces a number of self-published books and booklets on metaphysics and personal development, new thought, and Law of Attraction –  helping people to make better life choices and achieve greater fulfilment.
  • Art Teaching: Example of a weekly beginners art group run at riversMEET Café and Crafts, originally set up and run by Richard.
  • Chat to Change: Talks and workshops for individuals and groups, to meet in person, to discuss and explore the things that really matter in their lives from a spiritual/alternative viewpoint. Founder member of Holistic Connections.