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Bongo Buddy

Bongo BuddyBongo Buddy was originally set up by Richard (when he owned a Mazda Bongo) to help all those who own, or plan to buy, a Mazda Bongo.

The website aggregates some of the best advice and information from Bongo owners, so that they can direct people to the otherwise often repeated information on facebook and in forums.

Chat to Change

Chat to ChangeA website now connected to Keekoo, set up to run talks and workshops for individuals and groups to meet in person, to discuss and explore the things that really matter in their lives.

Walk & Talk is also connected to this site and enables individuals to share life-changing information whilst walking through the superb landscape of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Walk & Talk is available as one-to-one or with two or more, by arrangement.

Dr Who

who1.ukThis site is about the effect Dr Who had on a young creative child, who as an adult, still has fond memories of the Timelord from Gallifrey.



Dr Who

Dr Who - who1This site is an old html website, now replaced by the one shown above. (Please note, this site is not optimised for mobile devices).



eLearning Central

eLearning CentralThrough an interest in education and in particular, the way children learn and develop skills and knowledge, Richard set up eLearning Central (eLC) – a freely accessible resource information website for teachers and learners.

The website carries a number of interesting, informative – and sometimes controversial – articles, together with useful resources in one easy-to-navigate location

Gentle Enterprises – Musical Sketchbook

Musical Sketchbook - gentle-enterprises.orgThe Musical Sketchbook began in January 2020. I’d always had a few keyboards, and regularly play piano in front of an audience. However, since the 1980s, when I bought my first Synthesiser, I have never previously put together a proper area to compose and record. Some may ask, ‘why not do all this on a computer? There are plenty of excellent programs about – many of them free… and it takes up less room!’

.Hand of Light (Health & healing()

Hand of LightHand of Light (1) is about healing with light and tapping into the universal energy field that permeates everything. By focusing specific qualities of the field, we can all improve our ability to heal both ourselves and others.

Hand of Light (Art Teaching)

Hand of Light co ukHand of Light (2) was set up to support an art group I took over and taught, a few years ago. Eventually I passed the teaching over to another person, as it was quite a distance for me to travel every week.

(Please note, this site is currently in storage).

Hand of Light (Art & Light Sculpture)

Hand of Light ukHand of Light (3) was set up to showcase a few of Richard’s personal artworks. This site continues to be developed.




KeekooKeekoo is dedicated to the miraculous and perfect nature of the universe. It represents an overview on a body of knowledge assimilated over time that will help you to realise your full potential and place within the ‘greater scheme’ of things. You will understand your connectedness to all things in a way that you have never perhaps appreciated before.

Also see Keekoo Design. (Please note, Keekoo Design is an old html section, not optimised for mobile devices).

Light Sculpture

Light Sculpture“I work with light to express ideas and emotions about life and relationships. My most recent work is broadly entitled ‘Quantum Relationship Art’ and focuses on the relationship connections between all things – currently I am looking at human relationships and illustrating the complexity of connections through colour projections.” – Richard Gentle

Please note, this is an old html website and not optimised for mobile devices.

Richard Gentle

Richard GentleWriting. Richard produces a number of self-published books and booklets on spiritual and personal development, new thought, and Law of Attraction, to help people to make better life decisions and achieve greater fulfilment.

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